Evax develops new equine vaccines for the treatment of chronic diseases, allergies and respiratory diseases.

For many equine diseases only limited therapeutic treatment options are available with sometimes poor efficacy. Hence, there is a major need for new, innovative, specific and efficacious equine therapeutics. Our mission is to transfer human standards of care into horses at an affordable price.


Our first therapy candidate is a vaccine for summer eczema. Summer eczema, also called sweet itch or insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) is the most prevalent allergic skin disease in horses. It manifests as chronic relapsing seasonal allergic dermatitis (inflammatory reaction of the skin).

Although IBH is the best studied and characterized allergic disease of horses, treatment options are still poor and not even close to satisfactory. Our vision is to end this suffering, developing a vaccine that therapeutically treats and prophylactically prevents summer eczema.


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